Migration from root to admin login

I’ve got a system that already has a number of upgrade cycles on it - starting from Truenas Core to Truenas Scale Angelfish, Bluefin to currently Cobia.

I’d like to convert this system to admin login exactly as the freshly installed ones. On fresh installs admin has uid=950 and gid=950. I coulnd create an account with that uid/gid, so I reverted to the Linux shell and …
groupadd -g 950 admin
useradd -u 950 -g 950 -s /usr/bin/zsh -d /home/admin -m admin
Ok, user and group are there now, but I don’t see it in the Web UI.

Are there instructions how to change the login, or do i need to perform a fresh install and importing the existing 50+TB pools?

Because such changes should only be done in the WebUI :slightly_smiling_face:
Create a backup of your configuration (which you should always have), export your pools, do a fresh install, import the pools, import the configuration, everything should be as before.
Then, use the WebUI to change the users as desired.

This should do the job, but be aware I am no SCALE user.

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In dragonfish (24.04.0) you can just create a regular user in the webui and add them to the builtin_administrators group. This will grant them full access to webui.

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ok. I’ll do a reinstall.