Migration from TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale Questions

I’m currently running TrueNAS Core 13 U6.1 and have:

  • 4 iocage jails
  • 1 bhyve VM
  • NFS, SMB, and iSCSI shares
  • nut client configured for safe UPS shutdown
  • cron jobs for execing some things in the iocage jails
  • automated SMART testing, ZFS scrubs, ZFS snapshots and replication on one dataset

If I migrated to TrueNAS Scale, I clearly understand my iocage jails and cron won’t move over. But would any of the other things require reconfiguration?

And I want to continue to run my iocage jails under FreeBSD, so my plan here would be to make a single FreeBSD VM, get the jails running again (either iocage export/import or set them up in Bastille or manually run them using /etc/jail.conf). Then what’s the best way to have them communicate with the zpool? Something like iSCSI or NFS?


The cron jobs will migrate, but probably not work if they are calling iocage things. You’ll want to clean those up afterwards. Other items I’d expect to carry over just fine.

As for the way to run jails in a VM, I’d recommend using NFS for that to communicate with the host storage.

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Thanks for the reply! And yea that makes sense that the cron jobs migrate but “iocage exec” calls will no longer work, so I understand I can just make a cron on the FreeBSD VM or inside the jail. I’ll ride out TrueNAS Core into the 13.3 release and then consider the migration. I like that all my other config should transfer over.

Now as for NFS shared from Scale to a FreeBSD VM… Would it be beneficial to make a network bridge interface and use it with the VM? I think this would lead to better speeds than just simply using the host Scale IP.

Yep, you will want to make a bridge for sure:

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