Mini X Availability?

It seems the base Mini X has been out of stock at Amazon for a while. Any idea or when it might be available or are there other sources?
Thanks for any insight.
John Pellet

Depending on your location there might be other spurces iirc.

You can always order them directly here: TrueNAS Mini - Enterprise-Grade Storage Solution for Businesses
Bonus that you also custom configure the specs a bit and have it delivered fully populated with drives.

Howdy Jlpellet,

The mini-X will be back in stock in under 2 weeks.
The mini-X+ also is a good solution if you need a tower form factor.
Otherwise, the Mini-R with 12 Bays, gives you the noise footprint of a tower but can also be racked, with ample room to grow.

Hopefully that helps,

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