MinIO/Data Volume?

Working on migrating from Core to Scale.

In all the docs, it references checking the box to “enable host path for Minio Data volume.” I don’t have this box. Has it been renamed?
Ex: MinIO | TrueNAS Documentation Hub
(Migrating MinIO Data from CORE to SCALE | TrueNAS Documentation Hub)

My storage configuration section looks like this:

Do I just leave the default mount point and pick my data directory? How about selecting directories for postgres stuff?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Running Scale Dragonfish-24.04.0
I see MinIO helm chart version 2.0.6, app version 2023-03-13

When I put in the new dataset under Host Path, it won’t start:

Starts fine if I leave it at ixVolume, but that doesn’t seem ideal.

The “host path validation” option has been disabled and removed by default.

Was that dataset created under CORE? If so then it’s probably a permissions issue. The dataset needs to have the user and group “Apps” to have access IIRC.


Thanks Victor!

This is a totally brand new dataset. I didn’t follow pre-upgrade steps in MinIO process for the transition from CORE to SCALE, so I was going to start fresh, and then re-upload all my data to the new container- I only have four buckets and four users, and about 800 gb of data in Minio, so it didn’t sound too painful to just start from scratch.

I did get it to start by changing the owner & group of the new dataset to apps. I had picked the “Apps” dataset preset when creating the new dataset, but the owner/group was still root. I could see the app user in the ACLs, but it seems to want the app user to be the owner.

Still not sure where to configure the postgres location.

Ah, I found that if I check the box to enable the Log Search API, I get the expected Postgres settings:

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Glad you got it figured out @brywhi! We’ll work on updating those screenshots and getting a little more detail for that step in the CORE to SCALE guide.


When you created the dataset, did you choose the share type to be “Apps”?

Not sure if that’s the issue, but you could try that.

EDIT: Just read your post again. Looks like you got it.

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Yep, I did set it to apps, but minio didn’t like it until I changed the owner & group to apps too under ACLs.

Thanks for your help!