Mirror disk on Stripe

Goodnight! I have on my server 1x 6Tb HD and 4 more disks that add up to exactly 6Tb (1x 1Tb, 2x 1.5Tb and 1x 2 Tb). I would like to know if I can create a Stripe with these 4 different disks and then create a mirror, mirroring the 6Tb HD in this pool. As if it were a mirror of 2x 6Tb HDs

Nope, that’s not supported. Far too hacky to be a good idea.

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It could be done at the CLI: partition the 6 TB disk with 1x 1 TB, 2x 1.5 TB, and 1x 2 TB partitions, then create a pool consisting of four mirrors, each consisting of one partition and one matching disk. But definitely:

@Alec_Ovr, there are lots of things that can be done with ZFS that really aren’t a good idea, and this is one of them.


What is the most efficient way to organize HDs? I have 2 more 1TB HDs left. I would like to have as much space as possible without using Stripe.

Honestly, it would be to ditch the smaller drives, get a second 6 TB unit, and mirror those two. There really isn’t a good way to put those seven drives together into a redundant pool.


Thank you very much!
I managed to do this configuration once, but I’m going to look for new HDs!

Best to buy another 6TB drive.

If you want you can pair the 1 with the 2, and the 2 1.5s with each other and and have

6 + 1 + 1.5TB = 8.5TB

And then replace drives with bigger drives in the future as they fail or remove them eventually (since they’re mirrors)

But definitely start by getting another 6TB :slight_smile:

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