Modify record size of data set?

Hi all

I wish to change the record size of some datasets.
They are 128k at present.
I wish to increase to 1MB.

So my question:
If modified, will all new files copied to the dataset have 1MB record sizes?
If current files are still 128k, then that is fine.

For a few datasets, will copy/replace all data back over, but less that 1TB in total.

Of course before changing anything, will make multiple backups of the data.

With typically large files, storage efficiency is not an issue.
They are nfs & cifs shares.

Useful input is appreciated.


Protip: Nobody was going to think much of this until you brought it up. Don’t raise questions in people’s minds that you don’t want to answer…

That is exactly it. Of course, 1M would be the new maximum, smaller blocks would still be whatever smaller size is appropriate.

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Additionally, you can use the following script to automate the copy/write process.

Thanks for he info.
I will edit appropriately.


This will be useful.