Monitor temps

Hi. I’m a truenas home user and looking for a simple solution to monitor temps, nas size etc.
don’t mind if it’s a dashboard or via an email alert. Any ideas? Looking for a simple config solution.

Try logging into the web UI of TrueNAS and looking around. What version are you using?

Dragon fish 24.04.2.

Yep on dashboard - I don’t see drives temp there though.

Ideally something that doesn’t need me login would be great (email alert is perf)

Do you have Alert Services and Alert Settings in the GUI? I am on CORE. Try looking in there or for something like that.

In the GUI there’s a menu point called reporting, there you can see different metrics, one of them being drive temps.

Edit: Truenas uses netdata as backend for the reporting tab. you could try to connect that instance to the net version or use graphite to export metrics to grafana.

I use a custom script to export drive temps to influxdb which I can then do with whatever I want (report on Grafana or on InfluxDB, orother stuff)