Motherbaord Swap out

Hi guys

I have a CORE build i built using equipment work donated to me, all works fine but the motherboard is a AM4 B450plus with only 2 PCIe x16 ports and only 1 NVME and i wanted a bit more.

Searching for a MB with a few more ports on it now but if i get something i am happy with how clever is CORE? if i do a motherboard swap out will CORE come back up working and not care or am i looking at a rebuild?

I have a shadow NAS i use as cold storage so i have data backed up i would just rather not to have to re-seed this one again

CORE should handle a motherboard swap gracefully, but you will have to redo network settings if you were using the on-board NIC.
But save a copy of the configuration file just before the migration, just in case you need or want to reinstall.