Moving file server from Windows to TrueNAS SMB share - ACL issues

I’m in the process of moving my file server from Windows to TrueNAS Core via an SMB share. Using Robocopy I’m getting the below error. Z is the TrueNAS SMB mapped share

NOTE : Security may not be copied - Destination might not support persistent ACLs.

2024/04/07 13:31:21 ERROR 3 (0x00000003) Creating Destination Directory Z:\
The system cannot find the path specified.

I’m using the following switches for robocopy. File creation/accessed times are importent for me in this case.

robocopy.exe E:\ Z:\ /V /TEE /S /E /COPYALL /ZB /IM /R:1 /W:1

Since I’m moving off of Windows permission, I wonder if I should change “COPYALL” to “COPY:DATOU”.

Anyone familiar with this type of scenario?

Do you need to preserve Alternate Data Streams (ADS)?

If you don’t need to preserve ADS or permissions/ownership, you can probably use Rsync to pull everything (which has the added benefit of checksumming transferred files.)

Either “pull” it in from Windows → TrueNAS, or use a Windows version of rsync (such as via Cygwin or the binary-ready cwRsync) to “push” it to your TrueNAS server, in the same light as how you’re using Robocopy.

A example, from the Windows side, would be something like this:

rsync.exe -nvah --progress /cygdrive/e/ tnuser@truenasip:/path/to/sync/

Remove the -n flag if the dry-run appears correct.

*The above assumes that “tnuser” has SSH access.

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Thanks for the info, will look into the options you presented.