Mpt2sas errors in Dragonfish

Anyone else having any issues with mpt2sas driver in Dragonfish? I have 16 drives connected to two SAS9207-8i with IT mode firmware that have been running fine for over a year. Hours after updating to Dragonfish the pool developed checksum errors across all drives. I scrubbed but the errors did not go away.

Here are the errors from /var/log/messages from the time some checksum errors appeared.

If it was a bad drive, cable, or even a controller I wouldn’t expect to see issues across all drives. That it started almost immediately after upgrading makes me wonder about a driver or other regression.

Found this in /var/log/error

Yeah, that looks scary. Though I thought that the SAS2 stuff had been rolled into mpt3sas on Linux?

I read the same thing. Not sure how to force my system to try the newer driver.