That depends on what version of CORE you are running. Version 13.3 Beta now has smartmontools version 7.4 which supports NVMe drives and you would have that extra data if you were using it. Don’t get that confused with TrueNAS supporting NVMe self-testing, it does not, YET.

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@oxyde I found the reason you did not get a warning message. One character is all it takes to throw a wrench into it. It will be in the next update which should be posted in a few hours. I have a Honey Do list I’m working on, this one takes me out of the house for about an hour. I just want to make sure the change did not affect when SCALE runs. I doubt it but I prefer to test what I can.

Actually, hold that thought. Looking at the script I do not have Compensation established for this value as I do for say UDMA_CRC errors. I will roll that in first and then release the script.

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The script is posted. This will fix two issues:

  1. Some NVMe drives reporting self-test results which includes ‘white space’.
  2. No alarm/warning for NVMe Media Errors.

I also added drive compensation for Media Errors because @oxyde will want this with all the media errors present. I don’t know if those eventually return back to zero but I suspect not.