My Plex Media local files on Scale is only accessible through the web interface

I have set up Plex Media Server on a Scale installation using an old desktop, I can access it through the web interface on Scale’s portal. However, other Plex clients, including the one on my TV, can’t find the server to stream my media.
Despite following troubleshooting steps for Plex and TrueNAS (Scale) known issues, the problem persists. I suspect the Docker container might lack necessary configuration.
Can you advise on any missing configuration steps that could be preventing Plex from being discovered by other devices?

Is your SCALE installation on bare metal or virtualized?

How does your network topology looks like?

I have Plex Media Server running on TrueNAS Scale installed directly on my hardware (bare metal, not a virtual machine) within my home network. Scale has a static IP address, and there’s no firewall or secure connections enabled in Plex settings.
Despite reinstalling the Plex app on both Scale and my other devices (TV, etc.), I can only access my media library through a web browser on my PC. Other devices on the same network can’t access the plex server local files. Plex is configured to use a Samba share, and the Plex user account has full permissions on the data volume.
I’ve already explored troubleshooting steps from Plex’s official guide before reaching out here.