Need Help on config neseted Truenas NFS share to Esxi

R730xd, installed Esxi 8, TrueNas Scale 24 RC1 as VM. has a pool for other VMs, created NFS share via ipv6, shares successfully, and registered as datastore. VM imports fine.

I got couple issues:

  1. When server is restarted, esxi tries to connect to NFS share datastore which fails(since truenas scale as vm hasn’t started before esxi so nfs not available) after the esxi and truenas started, Esxi is still unable to see the datastore added previously. Only way for me to resolve this is to unregister all VMs in the NFS datastore, and tries to delete the datastore(and fails), restart esxi(automatically removes the NFS datastore), then manually adds the datastore back, re-register all the VMs. Pain in the ass. Searched online for a long time without a solution, came across old thread and still didn’t work: FreeNAS on ESXi serving VMs via NFS | TrueNAS Community

  2. Trying to initialize the NFS datastore with truenas allowed Host set to the ipv6 of esxi will fail on esxi(i have already did ipv6%adapter , but if i change allowed host to * (all) on truenas scale nfs share setting it will pass, if i put esxi’s ipv6 it will fail. Doesn’t have issue on ipv4. Any thoughts?

  3. Also I am not sure if it’s a bug for 24 RC1, the NFS session is always showing every client has ever connected without refreshing.(showing clients already disconnected or deprecated). SMB session doesn’t seem to have this problem.