Network connection lost : igc 0000:0a:00.0 enp10s0: PHC removed

I have serious issue and don’t know how to go about it,

What lead to the issue

I was adding two additional network interfaces with the one of the existing VM for test purpose,

  1. added new NIC with passthrough
  2. added enp10 instead of virtual interface,

After the test, I removed both of above two,

Current State,
Immediately after removing above 1 & 2, I lost web interface connection
I booted few times, TrueNAS scale is booting with one issue displayed in the console,

it says “
VFIO - User Level Meta Drive version 0.3
”igc 0000:0a:00.0 enp10s0: PHC removed”


  1. According to the router, NAS is connected and IP is assigned
  2. I can not use this IP to connect to Web interface or ssh as I did before
  3. I tried to login using the admin user account at the console, console timeout before I enter a 64 character random password.

Question is

  1. How do I repair it?
  2. How do I extend password enter duration in the tty1 console (attached picture) to allow me to enter a random 64 character long password?
  3. One of the todo’s in my list to do is export encryption keys of pools, I couldn’t do that as part of the installation. If I lose data, 40 years of photos and video, I’m sure this will result in divorce.

Please help me to sort this out. I’m not an extremely good technical person, I have some understanding and can follow any instructions.