Network driver update for Intel X553 10 GbE SFP+

I have one painful problem with TrueNAS SCALE network driver and two very simple questions.

Problem: I’m running TrueNAS SCALE on Intel Atom C3758R with integrated Intel X553 10 GbE SFP+ network interfaces. I cannot use 10GbE link with Ethernet transceiver module or DAC cable. Link is dropped and it’s Intel driver and Linux kernel problem that were discussed in different channels:
Non-functional ixgbe driver between Intel X553 chipset and Cisco switch via kernel >=6.1 under Debian -
It’s validated and 10GbE DAC is working very well on same machine (Debian or Ubuntu) with the latest driver update form Intel:

Q1: How can I update the network driver on existing TrueNAS installation (read-only file system problem)? Developer Mode I guess or is there any other/better options?

Q2: What is the chance that developers or maintainers will update the Intel ixgbe driver to the latest available (v5.19.9) in the next official release? Is it like normal practice or more like a small miracle to wait?


Submit a bug report to IXSystems and hope for the driver to be updated in 24.04.1?

And possibly enable dev mode and install driver in the meantime?

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Does this only affect systems using the SoC NIC at 10 Gb/s or would it affect 1 Gb/s users (i.e. boards that expose 1GBase-T instead of higher speeds) as well?

Current driver works well with 1GB ethernet ports, but not with 10GBe SFP+ ports.

Fits with the data, but it’s curious nevertheless…