Network write speed

hi, I am using a bridge-lan on the nas the eternal port of the bridge reaches up to 100mb/s but when I load the files on the server the speed is 355 b/s how can I speed the transfer?

More information is needed.

Please post your truenas version, and a complete list of your hardware.

So your speed when transferring the files from your machine to the server reaches 100 MB/s but then reading the files from server is very slow?

I have:
OS Version:TrueNAS-SCALE-
Product:Inspiron 580
Model:Intel(R) Core™ i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz
Memory ram:6 GiB
3 hdd in RAIDZ1
and i use a bridge lan wifi cause my wifi router is in a location that is not very accessible. The problem is that when I try to put something on the server the speed is very slow is about 355b/s

can you run some iperf tests from your server to the other device in both directions?

I see many red flags that could be issues, bridged over wifi being the first vs wired, 2nd a 3 drive raidz1 and 6Gib of ram on an ancient i3 CPU.

The files you are copying, are they many smaller files or larger files (Gigs in size vs Kb/Mb in size?)

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Sorry i’m new in this world and I don’t know how to do a iperf test but I tried connecting the server with an ethernet cable and now the speed has increased to from 3 to 8mb/s. I connected the 3 drivers in raidz1 because doing some research it seemed the most similar to a raid5 and I ad some ram now I have 9 Gib.
This is the file I was uploading to test the speed and it is a single package of about 1.5Gib.

Is your network card recognised by Truenas as 1000Mbit ? Because 8MB/s looks like 100MBit speed.

While transferring a file, what does the CPU/RAM usage look like ?

Also what exact types of HDs are you using ?

I connect the ethernet cable directly to the motherboard without using a network card. When I transfer files the CPU usage is very low I think around 10-20%. The HDs that I use are the pool: two 500GB HD + 1 200GB HD and 1 500 GB HD for the OS.