New motherboard network error

I’ve bought new motherboard for my NAS on trueNAS Scale, and when I’m starting the system, I’m getting an error “The web interface could not be accessed”. As far as i understand, that trueNAS cant load a new driver for network card of this new motherboard, but i can’t be sure. So what is this problem is and how can i fix it?

You need to share the exact mainboard model.

Did you have DHCP enabled and the new mainboard has gotten a new IP assigned?

What is the console output if you attach a monitor?


The network is one of the few things that does not “just work” when moving over an existing boot device to a different model of system board.

Simply go to the console, use the TUI, (Text User Interface), and change the network configuration to use the new network interface.

It is possible that the new system board’s network chip is not supported by your version of TrueNAS SCALE. But, try above first.

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