New TrueNAS user - Storage Fault-finding

Hi All.

I am new to TrueNAS and need some assistance in how to fault-find/resolve this.

In my dashboard, I am seeing this:

What does the triangle and exclamation mark mean?

If I click on the pool status, I get this:

I am running TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1
Can someone please explain what ‘the issue’ is and how I can resolve it?

Thank you.

You seem to have an almost equal amount of checksum errors on both drives.

This could be from faulty cabling or plugs.

  • check cables
  • run a smart test

If the drives are fine

  • run the command “zpool clear”
  • then run a scrub to see if the errors are gone
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Thank you for your input.
I will try that.
So does that triangle mean that there are checksum errors in the pool?

Its means there are errors.
In the screenshot you provided, it tells you that
you have checksum errors.

Thank you very much @Farout .
I appreciate you help.