Newbie- how to access folders in immich - dockers

Newbie here, have windows knowledge but not to much in linux and docker

I follow mostly tutorials, and i installed truenas scale.
Also, i installed immich using all default settings

My question is: how can i access immich folders? (upload/library for example)
Can i access them through a windows computer?

How can i map an external library stored in a smb share in truenas?


@Eddy I am not familiar with immich however have you looked at the TrueNAS docs? This may help you…

Immich 'xyz' Storage should all be set to a host path that you can then expose as an SMB share.

For example, I have a pool named “data”, with a dataset named “SMB”, I might want to put it in data/SMB/Applications/Immich/Storage/ etc.

Otherwise it will be stored on one of your pools under the ‘ix-applications’ dataset.

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