Nextcloud Broken with Custom Domain Name?

TrueNAS SCALE Version: Dragonfish-24.04.0

App Version: 29.0.0
Chart Version: 2.0.6

When performing a fresh install of the official iX Systems TrueNAS Nextcloud Chart and using an IP address in the “Host” field, everything with the installation works correctly (Including a corresponding Collabora installation that uses an IP address). I can navigate to the Security & setup warnings page and see recommendations to improve my systems security.

However, when performing the exact same installation, and only changing the “Host” field value from my server’s IP address to a custom domain name similar to “”, issues arise within the Nextcloud application… primarily the Security & setup warnings page stops working (as does the Collabora / Nextcloud Office integration… but I believe the problem is more fundemental)

I’m not sure if one should be able to access this page at all time, but I’m wondering if a CSRF issue is introduced with the custom domain name, because when I navigate to this page:


I see the following error:

As well as log entries like this:
Host x.x.x.x was not connected to because it violates local access rules

I’ve confirmed that my local networks DNS resolver is properly mapping my custom domain name to my servers IP address and I’ve confirmed that my TLS certificate is properly recognized by the browser when visiting my installation. For normal browsing in the Nextcloud UI using the custom domain name “seems” to work correctly… but it’s like back-end operations are not working properly in all cases.

My ultimate goal in asking this question is to actually get my NextCloud / Collabora integration working again. But, as I mentioned before, I believe the issue is more foundational and lower level than Collabora… so my hope is that if I can get something simple like the Security & setup warnings page working, then it will be easier to address any issues with Collabora.

Any guidance or troubleshooting tips with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Did you find a solution? I’m having the same problem.

Dear, I managed to access my NEXCLOUD through a custom domain. I followed these steps:

  1. Installed a certificate on TrueNAS, as Nextcloud has a bug for sharing via link that only works if HTTPS is used.
  2. I had to set two parameters in the environment, but here’s a tip: in the latest version of TrueCharts Nextcloud 2.06, there is a bug that does not allow setting the environment parameter, so I had to install an earlier version 1.6.x. One detail in the image below: I put port 9001 because in my firewall I am also redirecting to this port, so externally I need this return, which may not be your case. See image below:


Additionally, I was using the native TrueCharts of TrueNAS