Nextcloud cert broken after updates

I’m very new to all this, I’m not exactly sure what happened after I updated and don’t really understand how to fix it.

I’m currently on Nextcloud 29.0.0, updated from 26.x.x which was a task within itself for me. after updating, i’m now getting an “NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID” error when using the domain to get to my nextcloud. looking it up it says that error is because the domain doesn’t match the header or something.

i’m pretty sure i followed the danb35 script when i first put this online, but looking at it now, none of it seems familiar. everything was working ok before i updated everything.

  1. Can this be fixed easily?
  2. Can i start over and follow Danb’s script again, but still retain all my data without offloading to a HDD
  3. Other options?

Thank you

No, that error means just what it says: the certificate authority that issued the cert the site is using isn’t trusted by your browser. That would be expected for an installation from my script (it defaults to obtaining a cert from the Let’s Encrypt testing servers, to avoid hitting their rate limits), if you hadn’t subsequently run the script. That a working installation would revert to using that server, though, wouldn’t be expected.

Well, let’s check. I’m not aware of anyone else using Caddy in any kind of automated installation of Nextcloud, so it should be easy to find out. Go into the jail (iocage console nextcloud), and run service caddy status. If Caddy is running, you installed this using my script. In that case, it’d be best to continue on the topic for that script:

When you post there, include the complete contents of your Caddyfile (/usr/local/www/Caddyfile), though mask API tokens and other credentials.

I remember it being very manual when i did it initially (2 years ago maybe?) i definitely remember your name being thrown around and possibly following your instructions. i may have misspoke when i said script, but i dont have Caddy.

Is it possible to “start over” without transferring everything to an external HD?

The only instructions I’ve ever had for Nextcloud have been with my script, and the best I can tell (looking over my commit history), it’s been about 5 years since I switched to use Caddy. So it’s unlikely you would have followed my instructions.

I don’t think I’d recommend moving from an installation not done with my script, and trying to install over it with my script, but I’d think it should be possible. You’d need to move (or copy, which would probably be safer) all the relevant data–data itself, database files, Nextcloud config, and theme data–to appropriate places and set the config file appropriately. Make sure you set the database appropriately. Then run the script to install, and see what happens.