Nextcloud + Collabora on TrueNAS Scale using Apps


As an experiment, I am considering upgrading my TrueNAS Core to Scale.

As of now, I have a few iocage jails, which I would need to get rid of and install the following as Apps instead, in Scale:

Reverse Proxy (currently an nginx server running in a jail).

And then my Let´s Encrypt certificates:

So, I have set up TrueNAS Scale on a separate box, to test with, before I start messing with my “real” server. I have the Nextcloud and Collabora apps installed, which went very smoothly by the way (not much config done. maybe need to add something?). But now I am a little stuck when it comes to proxies and certificates.

I have been reading articles and forums for a couple of days, but I can´t really get it sorted. Could someone point me to a great guide for doing this?
I have added the TrueCharts catalog, and also installed the Traefik app. Looking at Cert-Manager and ClusterIssuer, but can´t figure out how to configure them.
Am i on the right track? Could someone outline the steps for me? Or point me in the right direction if I´m off course?

I don’t use Traefik for ingress but Caddy directly on my OPNsense firewall so I can not offer any insight in that regard. You might want to head over to the TrueCharts Discord for TrueCharts support.