Nextcloud Internal Apps / Plugins Install on TrueNAS Scale?


Running nextcloud on TrueNAS Scale and it works pretty much as i’m use to using it (backing up phones and tablets media).

So recently i had the thought of trying to install the Calendar App in NextCloud to see if it can provide the functionality that the misses and i need. Trying to replace our fridge Calendar with with a electronic one so to speak.

So login to next cloud click on apps click on install and i get a DNS error.

NextCloud Install click

So i dig around in nextcloud’s admin settings and i see the “network” information

NextCloud Network

Shows no Gateway if i read that correctly. Figured i made a mistake in the Apps Config so i stop the app go to edit check the setting and the only network related settings i see is

Network settings install

Am i missing something?

Guess there are two parts to the Question for this post:
1: Is it possible to install apps in the nextcloud “App”
2: If it is how do i either give nextcloud access to the see the internet or get the “App / Plugin” downloaded and installed locally.

Thanks for the taking the time to read.

If more info is needed let me know i’ll supply what i can.

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