Nextcloud, no ffmpeg

I see old guides for installing Nextcloud, and they include checking to install ffmpeg. However that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, on version 29.0.0 / 2.0.6
Do I have to install it manually, and how?

Are you referring to an “app” on TrueNAS SCALE? You cannot change the image after the fact, e.g. install additional packages. The container image needs to be changed by whoever provides it.

So is there a reason why ffmpeg was removed in the last version(s), if it’s impossible for the user to manually add it back?

If you are talking about an “app”, yes, it is impossible for the user to change anything about the app that the creator did not put in the image.

If it’s from the TrueNAS catalog you can open an issue on the iX JIRA. If it’s TrueCharts they run a Discord.

Wen you go to edit on your nextcloud profile you can add ffmpeg by clicking on “Add” just below the Host and beside Commands, here you can click on the drop-down menu and select 'ffmpeg"


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Oh, that wasn’t at all obvious to me. Thanks!

You’re welcome, good evening

The instructions for Nextcloud were updated recently and cover this change. Were you following the documented instructions found here: