Nextcloud not using 10GbE speed

Hi guys!

I have a Proxmox server with 10Gb SFP+ dual NIC that’s connected to my Switch. Inside this server, I have TrueNAS Scale virtualized. It’s working great, and shares and backups are saturating the full 10Gb speed.

I also have installed the official Nextcloud app, but neither from the Nextcloud website nor using the Nextcloud macOS app am I able to achieve speeds over 1Gb.

I’ve checked everything with iPerf3, and it seems like the Nextcloud app/container is capable of 10Gb speeds. So, it appears to be more of a Nextcloud configuration issue, perhaps?

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • iPerf3 from Proxmox to TrueNAS (more than 10Gb, as they’re on the same machine)
  • iPerf3 from TrueNAS to Nextcloud (more than 10Gb, also on the same machine)

Forgot to mention, the client is my Mac Studio, which is also connected through 10GbE, and I’m able to iPerf3 both servers and saturate it fully.

Any ideas on how to address this?


Do you have any 1GbE interfaces on your host that TrueNAS can see/use?

My first guess at this would be that your apps are only using such a link if it’s present.

Not really, I have an onboard 1 Gb LAN, but it’s not even connected physically to the Proxmox host or TrueNAS Scale VM. It only has the vmbr0, which is a bridge to one of the SFP+ ports!

Some note that slower performance in NextCloud could be many things and to see faster speed, one may need to tweak the actual configs, such as Apache / NGINX , php limits and even database settings to achieve higher performance…might be the case for you? Sure the defaults they deploy with are not performance optimise vs more stable, as performance tweaking PHP and databases is often specific to a deployment and available resources.

Thanks! I will take a closer look at this; however, I’m seeing speeds that are really limited to 1 Gb, almost as if there’s a setting somewhere preventing it from going higher!