Nextcloud on Scale with Elasticsearch

Hey Everyone,
I’m pretty new to Truenas and Nextcloud, but I guess I managed it not too bad so far.
I wass able to have video thumbnails yesterday (finally after 2-3 days).

My next big issue is using elasticsearch (from heran ES).
I installed NC and ES both from the truenas app-store, not from truecharts.

I was also able to open the ES-website in a browser.
The I have additionally downloaded the plugins for ES into NC (apps).

ES should also index the external files that I’ve mapped into NC, via the external-files plugin. (which is a share called /daten, both in the installation of NC and ES)
These are the main files inside NC.

I’ve come as far as having this output when testing:

But no files show up in NC when searching (except the names being searched).

When I use su -m www-data -c 'php /var/www/html/occ fulltextsearch:index', this is the result:

I have also executed su -m www-data -c 'php /var/www/html/occ db:add-missing-indices' but no results have changed.

From what I have seen, there is no particular post with my configuration available.
(Scale + NC + ES)

I’d greatly appreciate some help!

Thank you,

Anyone has some idea?