Nextcloud problem, need help


I have installed Nextcloud by watching youtube tutorial where you create custom datasets. I have done this and put www-data full permissions to all datasets. Installation completed but this message showed up:

" * Your data directory and files are probably accessible from the internet. The .htaccess file is not working. It is strongly recommended that you configure your web server so that the data directory is no longer accessible, or move the data directory outside the web server document root."

Some say I have to edit apache config file (where it is by the way?)
And some are referring to config.php to include only FQDN domain.

I have included my FQDN domain there but can’t find the apache config file, can you help me?


lol what the *****

when I stop NGINX service with

sudo systemctl stop nginx

then the nextcloud stops complaining about htaccess and well-known things…

that’s great but I can’t leave truenas web service off

complete mess :frowning:

I have moved TrueNAS web GUI to other, non standard HTTP and HTTPS ports and Nextcloud is now happy without throwing errors.

But what a miserable feeling when you realize you’re talking to yourself…

but my question remains, why I had to do this?

When you give absolutely no relevant information in your post, that’s going to happen.

Because you’ve failed to give any relevant information, I don’t have the first clue. If you’d share, for example, what version of TrueNAS you’re running, details of how you installed Nextcloud, and exactly what errors you were getting, we might have a chance of being able to answer usefully.

There are multiple bugs filed with nextcloud about this message about accessible from the internet. It’s a bug in their software.

look here dan, this was very clear answer to very clear question.

thanks a lot!!!

Very interesting, because some people managed to resolve this by editing config.php file, here’s the thread:

Nextcloud - htaccess not working - Apps and Virtualization - TrueNAS Community Forums