NFS Performance

Hi, my home media server is a supermicro, dual Xeon X5650 CPU’s , 96G or RAM, a LSI controller with 6x4TB WD RED drives (1x RAIDZ2 6 wide). It is running SCALE Main applications are PLEX and truecharts Logitech Media Server (LMS). I have a mirrored SSD boot pool and a mirrored SSD pool for the Kuber containers. Because of past issues with LMS containers breaking when I upgrade TrueNAS revisions , I have spun up a “home development” server to test on. It is a HP Proliant with similar HW config minus the 24TB storage. The dev platform is running Dragonfish 24.04.0 and Truechart LMS 12.0.10 Truechart container. I have created a NFS client mount from within the LMS container to my “production server” to access the 4TB of music files on the production server. During my testing I have noticed severe buffering only when playing 24b-192khz music files. I believe this a NFS or caching/ZFS issue on the production server. I will explain why. If I stream 60 seconds of a HiREZ music track it will buffer every few seconds continuously, If I replay the song, it will play fine up until the 60 second mark which leads me to believe that portion of the file is in cache on the production server. I set up the NFS share with all default parameters, same for the container NFS client component on the development server. The production servers performance is perfectly fine serving data (PVC) to local PLEX and LMS containers, including 4K video and HiREZ music files. Its SMB performance to local windows clients is also fine. If my above assumption is correct regarding NFS being the issue , I find it odd that a platform of this capability cannot serve up data at 20-30mbps , cached or not cached. Open for any suggestions or questions. Thanks,