NFS sharing offline on my NVR

I’ve set up NFS sharing for my CCTV recordings. Works fine until one day the NFS shows offline on my NVR. I’m wondering what’s the cause of it, being suddenly offline. Note that the storage has reached its 100% capacity. But the NVR should delete the oldest recording right?. Additional detail the NFS sharing has map to root and wheel the serve UDP NFS client is checked and allow non root mount.

That’s not a TrueNAS feature. Auto-pruning / rotating of recordings should be configured and handled by your NVR software. (This assumes the camera/NVR has delete permissions via the NFS share.)

A ZFS pool reaching 100% capacity is bad news. I would try to free up some space ASAP, and get it down to 80% if possible.

Is there a way to limit maybe 90% of the storage pool will be filled?

By default that is the NVR suppose to do is to delete oldest file. When it comes to NFS sharing storage for CCTV recordings is it different base on your experience?

You can set a quota on the dataset.

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The client “deleting” older records will not free space if the records are still referenced by snapshots. A CoW filesystem is not the best choice for short-lived data.


That’s all up to the NVR software. By what condition? I’m not sure. Maybe your software deletes based on the “age” of the video? Or maybe based on the total space used by the folder?

Either way, this has to be configured on the NVR side.

As @etorix mentioned, you probably don’t want long-lasting snapshots on this dataset, either.

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I learned that the hard way with trying to set quotas for users and datasets around Time Machine. Set a user quota, not a dataset quota, to allow room for snapshots…