Nginx application will not install. file exists

cannot install nginx because file exists. all other programs are functioning fine. i thought a possible fix could be to go into the shell and manually delete the file. not sure if that would cause problems. thought it best to check here.

  • AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor
  • 1tb boot drive
  • 2x1tb ironwolf sata ssd for mirrored samba share
  • 2tb WD Red HDD(used for plex storage and applications)
  • 3tb hitachi HDD(old hard drive i use to store expendable tv shows and movies on)
  • currently installed programs:
    • nginx-proxy-manager
    • overserr - 1.33.2
    • plex -
    • prowlarr -
    • radarr -
    • sabnzbd - 4.2.1
    • sonarr -
  • verison: 1.0.29
  • timezone: LA
  • uesr and group id: 568
  • web port: 30020
  • http port: 30021
  • https port: 30022
  • storage config
    • type: ixVolume
    • type: ixVolume
  • CPU: 4000m
  • Memory: 8Gi
    [Errno 17] File exists: '/mnt/WD HDD/ix-applications/releases/nginx-proxy-manage -

I have no idea whether this is the cause, but you appear to have a space in the pool mount path WD HDD which IMO is likely not to be a great idea. Whilst you can use spaces in Linux paths if you wrap the path in quotes or escape the space, it is quite easy for some piece of code not to do this and for this space to then create an issue.

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What do you think the best way to do this without losing data?

My guess - and it is just a guess because I am by no means an expert - is that you would need to:

  1. Stop all your apps and services.
  2. Export the pool in the GUI.
  3. Re-import it and mount it at a different mount point.

No data should be lost in the export/import.

However I suspect that all the services that expect to find the data at the old mount point will nee editing or recreating to get them to switch to the new mount point.

It took me 3-ish attempts to get my own setup right - but I hadn’t copied much data over when I had to trash stuff and start afresh. But (crossed-fingers, touch wood) since the initial setup I haven’t had to make any structural changes like this.