Nginx-proxy-manager to replace traefik

So im using the TN app Nginx Proxy manager to replace Traefik from TC. One question i have is how I can find the names of the relevant containers. Like redirecting a url to my homepage app. Under docker, i could just run “docker ps”, but I don’t see how to do that in k3s.

I realized a bit after posting this that it really should have been in the Apps and Virtualization category instead. Mea culpa.

In case it helps anyone else who comes across this thread later via Google or whatnot, what I ended up doing was pointing at the IP of my TrueNAS box and the corresponding container port. So my Homepage proxy host is set up to point at, BackupPC is pointed at, etc. Doing it based on the container name would have been preferable, but this method works perfectly fine.

Alternatively, Heavyscript can list the DNS names for each of the apps.

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