Node.js in TrueNas

I wonder if you can deploy node.js in truenas as i want to host my discord bots on my local pc without any further problem from other hosts

If you are running TrueNAS CORE you can do that in a FreeBSD jail. If you are running TrueNAS SCALE I assume you can use the new Linux “jail” subsystem, although I am not familiar with it.

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Yes i have TrueNas CORE but i cant finde the FreeBSD can you give more cordination where to find it?

There’s a “jails” menu in the UI. TrueNAS CORE is based on FreeBSD so it’s already there.

Yes and how do I host it I don’t have any idea

A jail is a lightweight virtual environment that hosts a complete installation of FreeBSD. To install any software you need to use the command line and refer to the FreeBSD documentation.

How familiar are you with using a Unix system via command line? If the answer is “not at all” do you know someone near who is?