Not sure what I need - home vps migration to new proxmox wp instance with truenas storage

Hi - new here and dabbling in Linux virtualization, I am learning along the way. and I’m one of those Windows guys for life until…

anyway, trying to keep it brief, I lack understanding on some connectivity strategies when working with a TrueNAS Core VM with some passthrough additional storage.

My hardware (got for free)
[2U Supermicro Superserver]
4 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU D1508 @ 2.20GHz (1 Socket)
32gb DDR4-ECC
1x Intel 512gb m.2 SSD [proXmox, lvm storage for other vm’s]
4x Samsung 870 evo’s 500gb [1% wear]
7x gigabit NIC’s, 2x SFP, 1x Manglement port

VM–TruenasCore U13 VM,
4x Samsung 870evo [pass-through] configured as ZFS raid5 equivalent. 1.36TB, 1 Failure tolerant.
SMB share for windows pc file management.
Pool and jail configured. Shared with single user r/w permissions for time being

CT–WP-turnkey I’ll be fully reworking the setup to be https with ca cert and full DNS with CF]

I can’t seem to be able to find a solution or understanding of the following:

I want all downloads for Wordpress to be hosted from this ZFS NAS, mostly so i can more easily manglement(manage) it on a windows PC
They will be linked to internally and obscured from view by WP-DLM Pro[hidden path, sanitized filenames etc],

so in my tiny little mind, I’m thinking I need a mountpoint to TrueNAS
an NFS Share from TrueNAS ?

I guess TLDR would be
Need guidance on how to make mountpoint to a configured share from a ct to a truenas share.
Thanks in advance for your time (: