NUT: Trying to get my pfsense to talk to TrueNAS Nut Server


Have NUT working well on my TrueNAS. The Cyberpower is connected via USB to the TrueNAS, set to Master. I have ticked the box for remote monitor and Monitor User and Password are set. When I setup PFSense, options are pretty basic… IP, User, Pass but it fails. Any suggestions?


Isn’t that more of a question for

On my pfSense box I use apcupsd. It works well with a UPS that has an APC AP9630 network card in it.

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The NUT implementation in TrueNAS has had reported issues across several recent versions.

What I have working well with pfSense, a Cyberpower 1500PFCLCD, and TrueNAS Core 13.0 U6.1 is as follows:

UPS connected to pfSense box acting as Master - driver set as “usbhid”, Additional configuration lines for upsd.conf “LISTEN your pfSense box IP address”, Additional configuration lines for upsd.users “[upsmon]
password = fixmepass”

TrueNAS Core UPS set to Slave, Remorte Host your pfSense box IP address, Remote Port 3493, Monitor User upsmon, Master password fixmepass.

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Depends on how you look at it… pfsense seems to communicate well with other NUT hosts at other sites. First time I’m trying to talk to TrueNAS, wondering if anyone else having the same issue…

Currently have a solution, it’s not pretty but will look at creating a master… probably an LXC within Proxmox that can send signals across the LAN. Thanks!

Same here. I have hooked up my APC to all devices directly via the network card. Works really well. pfSense via apcupsd and TrueNAS via the UPS service that is in the services menu.