NVMe SSD namespaces support table

This resource was originally created by user: @ericloewe on the TrueNAS Community Forums Archive.

NVMe namespaces are an NVMe feature somewhat similar to a ZFS dataset, but at the SSD level. This is occasionally useful, so here’s a list based on stuff I have on hand and a thread over at STH:

Model Supported namespaces
HGST SN260 128
Intel Optane 900P 1
Intel P4501 1
Intel P4610 128
Intel P5500 (Dell firmware) 128
Kingston DC1500M 64
Micron 9200 1
Micron 9300 32
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1
Samsung PM9A3 32
SK hynix PC601 HFS512GD9TNG-L2A0A 1
WB Blue SN570 1
WD WDS500G2X0C (SN700) 1

To check this for yourself, the disk can be queried.

On FreeBSD, run:

nvmecontrol identify nvme0 | grep "Number of Namespaces"

On Linux, ensure the nvme-cli package is installed and run:

nvme id-ctrl /dev/nvme0 -H | grep nn

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