Official complaint: I never got my stickers

A while ago I purchased a FreeNAS Mini and paid extra to have iX set up my system (drives and OS) and I never got my BSD stickers and beasty horns. Where are they?


Update: polls/numbers are showing other TrueNAS users are shocked.

You’ll need to submit a support or Jira ticket with the name, address, date of purchase. We’ll keep any promises made…

More importantly, how has the system performed and for how many years?

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The system has performed wonderfully for 7 years (I’d have to find my invoice to nail down that 7 year number but I’d bet it’s at least 7). Zero major down time at all (only power outages and what not).

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No stickers?? It’s been DOA this whole time, I don’t know how you’ve managed :frowning:

*sigh*…yeah. Talent mostly, I’d say.

My NAS Mini has 16gb ram (I went “high-roller”) but it’s been showing its age and I feel it would go much faster if I had that BSD sticker on it. I don’t remember the promotional stickers at the time but I believe it was something like the “powered by BSD” version. However, I do not know what iX has/had in stock and if they’d recommend a faster sticker.

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They’d probably recommend a sidegrade to a SCALE sticker these days :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re probably right but I think my system would attempt to burn a SCALE sticker off itself. I want to speed it up not make it angry.

@Captain_Morgan, FWITW: So I looked in the box (I assume it was the box for the cables and manuals) and I didn’t have the invoice in there (which is weird because the keys, my spare drive and manuals were all there) but the “quick start manual” said 2017 version. So, my guess about it being at least 7 years old was correct.

Could be correct… there was an Intel chip bug that was found in early 2017. So from then on, the TrueNAS Mini systems have been very reliable.

Good to have actual proof… it’s hard to predict actual longevity.

If you guys have records back that far I can DM you my last name and address and you can look me up. Not sure you’d actually care much beyond marketing but I thought I’d offer.