Old Network Interfaces still visible in Dashboard

Hi there
I’m running SCALE Dragonfish- and I have a number of network interfaces (physical). I initially had 3 setup in SCALE, but I subsequently removed one that was no longer needed using the GUI (enX2), leaving only 2 interfaces (enX0 and enX1), however, enX2 still appears in the Dashboard, and I am not able to remove it, nor replace it by showing enX1. I have rebooted multiple times to see if that clears it, and also cleared browser cache.
Any other tips I could try? (I realise it’s only a cosmetic issue but would still be good to have an accurate dashboard)

I would file a bug ticket for this, it would be great if you could include both a debug and a copy of any errors found in the browser console log.

Murphey’s law, but when I went to grab logs and screenshots now, it seems to have rectified itself. I realize that makes it tricky to reproduce…

Fwiw, on the Network → Interfaces page, it showed correctly the 2 interfaces, and everything worked fine, it was just on the dashboard that it still showed the old interface, and even when clicking “Configure”, it incorrectly showed the old removed interface on the Network Widgets section too.

All in all I did about 3 reboots and also a browser cache clear, but even then it didn’t rectify right away… very odd.