Old nvidia k8s-device-plugin?

I still have my nvidia container failing after reinstalling TrueNAS scal, it goes into a bootloop.
When I check the plugin version in “applications → settings → manage container images” i see that its on version 13: nvcr.io/nvidia/k8s-device-plugin:v0.13.0
Im unable to delete or update the plugin.
As searching the web points to the plugin might being the problem, and that the newest version of the plugin is 0.15: is there a way to upgrade the plugin, or do I need to wait for the next major version and the new App system to have any hope of this working?

If there is a newer version not available which you want to try, you could set up a custom container.

Really want to have as little custom things as possible, especially since the app system will be changed in the next release.