OneDrive unauthenticated: Unauthenticated

Hi everyone I’m new here but I have been using Truenas for a year. So I have a issue with a sync task when I try to sync some OneDrive Accounts (not all accounts only few ones) TrueNas says unauthenticated: Unauthenticated.

Searching in some forums they say is a problem with rclone version installed in truenas and suggest update to rclone v1.66.0

I have downloaded installer for freebsb 64 but I don’t know what I’m doing grown because system says update is complete but when Im going to use rclone version system says is still 1.5

Please some one has a solution for this issue?

next is the original forum where I find this OneDrive reading file ERROR: IO error: unauthenticated: Unauthenticated - Help and Support - rclone forum

My dragonfish says its version 1.63.0

Ok thank you friend I’ll download dragonfish version and try again.