OpenVPN Server for TrueNAS Remote Access

Brand new to TrueNAS. Built my NAS from my 2012-era Gigabyte Intel i7 mobo. 16 gb RAM, built-in graphics (i.e., no GPU card). Four 10 Tb HGST HDDs. Single ethernet connection. TrueNAS running from mirrored 120 Gb SSDs. OpenVPN server on my Asus router. I want remote access equivalent to what I can easily (I think) configure for LAN access. No 3rd party VPN service wanted. Expected remote use will be infrequent (e.g., weekly) and brief (1-2 minutes) and light (e.g., synchronization of a small, 1Mb calendar database, occasional access of stored pdf files). Synchronization of the Android calendar app (Pimlical) entails pointing the app to a specified http address and port (e.g., For the curious, the main use of this TrueNAS server will be for home-based storage and backup as a DropBox replacement.

I realize this is probably a rather broad topic, and maybe simple for those who know their way around w TrueNAs and OpenVPN. But, I’m new to both. My prior VPN use was back in PPTP days when I configured a Windows PPTP server for remote HotSync of my Palm TX. Pimlical, BTW, is the Android sucessor of the Palm calendar app DateBk+

Many thanks for any guidance.

I did this by installing pfsense in a virtual machine in the TN with PCI pass thru of two Ethernet ports. (pptdevs)

Then I used the pfsense to setup VPN access.

This works the same as having a separate pfsense box as your router.

Not sure if your 2012 era hw supports it.