Optiplex 3050 scale install and upgrade issues

I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide any insight or trouble shooting direction into this issue I’m having. I have a Dell optiplex 3050 system it worked perfectly fine with the last update to Bluefin no issues. But when I try to update to either Cobia or Dragon fish I get a kernel panic and a boot loop. I will attach the best picture I have of this error but it’s the same if I try to do a fresh install. And on the latest 24.04.2 I get the same kernel panic before I can even select the install option. I was thinking maybe some kind of hardware issue however bluefin worked great I just really wanted to update.

Just some basics of the system-
Optiplex 3050 64gb ddr4
Dual pci express 2x 2.5gb Intel i225-v adapters
Intel optane for slog
3x 4tb sata 7200rpm drives
1 256gb nvme for os which has also been replaced with a new drive
Tried several of the latest bios revisions from 1.27-1.30

As it turns out I am a dumb dumb and it appears the issue is likely with these network cards I have. I pulled them and all my issues magically went away. For some reason they worked in bluefin though. I’m going to see if I can update the firmware on them or just go back to a 10gbe card. Thanks

Got a model number or any identifying information about those cards? I’m reasonably sure there’s users with i225-v cards in use, but they might just be single-port or on a motherboard LOM.

“Dual 2x 2.5G” - by this you mean two physical cards with two ports each?

Yes they are 2 physical cards with 2 ports each. I bought them off amazon no real model from china other than i225-v. I bought them as a test thinking they would be very UN-reliable but when they worked in bluefin I assumed they would work in newer versions. whats also interesting is they show up as intel i226v in windows.