Over 20 years ago - Wind River to Acquire BSDi Software Assets

ALAMEDA, Calif., April 4, 2001 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for connected smart devices, today announced a definitive agreement to purchase the software assets of Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDi), the world’s first commercial supplier of BSD UNIX, an advanced operating system (OS) for the Internet. Under the agreement, Wind River will purchase the commercial version of the BSD UNIX-based OS (BSD/OS™) and development tools. Wind River will also support FreeBSD, a collaborative open source development effort, to advance BSD technologies. Financial details will not be disclosed. Wind River expects to close this transaction by late April 2001.

“Going forward as iXsytems, Inc., we will continue to offer our iXtreme server solutions based on BSD technologies, and we plan to use Wind River tools to develop additional offerings,” said Gary J. Johnson, CEO of BSDi, which will become iXsystems, Inc., upon closing of the sale to Wind River. “We are pleased that Wind River, a company with focused OS expertise and extensive resources, will continue to advance BSD technologies as a superior platform for Internet infrastructure and embedded systems computing.”


That’s a blast from the past!

Holy C.O.W. (pun intended), that’s quite a while ago.

20 years later


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