Paid Help for Truenas Scale // Recommendations for Freelancer(s)

Just curious if anyone has worked with or if you are someone that has been paid to help with TrueNAS related setup. I have some projects coming up that are a bit out of my scope and just looking to see who out there. I’m more curious on recommendations (someone that has worked with a freelancer and would refer them), but if you’re a freelancer, feel free to comment on this post (if you have a website or proof of work, that would be helpful for everyone)

I’ve seen some youtubers out there that do paid consultation, but they charge anywhere between $200 - $300 an hour. For context, I’ve revived from great help from a truecharts person and paid $50/hour and it went great. Now i just have non-truecharts related stuff that is coming up.

I’ve posted, messaged, and DM’d for help on questions on truenas, truecharts, and just plain networking stuff, and I found that just paying someone to show you how to do it versus waiting for weeks for no one to respond to your question(s) just helps with ease of mind as questions and projects just continue to stack up.

Some things i’m thinking about working on feels pretty simple but stuff I have not done before: rename my main pool which requires some shuffling (made a noob mistake and named it “Main Pool”, need to take out the space and capitalization), there are some apps I want to download but want them setup correctly (ie nextcloud for example, I’ve set it up before easily enough once figured out, however there are settings with nextcloud that need attention that require doing special stuff in the shell/stuff I wasn’t able to figure out), and other stuff.

Again, I could take months to try and figure some stuff myself, but i’ve already done that with one project taking a year until I paid someone to teach me, and would rather not take years to get stuff setup.

Let me know if there are any clarifying questions, thanks!

PS: I also have to figure out what im going to do in terms of staying on truecharts apps or move to truenas apps, i’m currently on all TC apps on Cobia on a miniX+.

Not here. We’re volunteers!
But you can buy hardware from iXsystems and get commercial support.

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I did purchase a miniX+ from ix systems last year, I asked about support options and there were/are none, even paid ones. Only paid support if you have a company needing enterprise support.