Partial Replication failure - failure to create mountpoint: Read-only file system

Error message:
cannot mount ‘/mnt/MainPool-Even Month/ix-applications/k3s/kubelet’: failed to create mountpoint: Read-only file system
cannot mount ‘/mnt/MainPool-Even Month/ix-applications/releases/mysql-workbench/volumes/pvc-9baf08cf-fdea-4c69-8009-a2ca313791f5’:
failed to create mountpoint: Read-only file system

I suspect that this was caused by recent update to NextCloud 29 from Chart version 59 to 60 as the errors started about the same time. I deleted the entire replication data set and tried from an empty data set, but error returned as before.
I also have pihole, collabora, syncthing, and tailscale running on the system. (They are ALL TrueNas version apps.) Still running TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2

Did I miss it, what version of SCALE are you using? If you recently upgraded to 24.04.0 then that “might” be (and I stress - MIGHT) the issue. Dragonfish has some readonly mounts. Not sure if this is the problem but if you did just upgrade, just saying.

Not that brave, still on TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2
But thanks for the heads up.

I’m having the same problem. The replication task has been running daily for months without any issues.
The problem started manifesting after the target system was unavailable during the two previous cycles.

I have not upgraded to 24.02

Any assistance will be appreciated.