Passing commands to custom app for Qbittools

I’ve been trying for a few hours to get this container to run as a custom app: Alex / qbittools · GitLab

To do so I have to pass 2 commands/arguments, the first is the action, in my case “reannounce”, and the second the URL for my server with the -s command.

I’ve tried every variation of this:

  • add to command: reannounce -s → container does not start
  • add to argument: reannounce -s → argument command: invalid choice: ‘reannounce -s’. It tells me to pass only “reannounce”.
  • add -s’ to a second argument line
  • run -s’ in command and reannounce in argument and vice versa

I’ve tried many other variations with no success. TTY and STDIN are enabled as instructed. What is the correct way to run this?

OS is dragonfish btw.

Thanks for your help

ok so for I fixed this:

Argument 1: reannounce
Argument 2: --server
Argument 3:

each entry needs to be its own seperate argument.