PCI redirection crashing system. Intel Arc A380

I’ve been trying to get a Debian 12.5 VM up and running to run as a docker host. My Intel Arc A380 is being isolated in the advanced settings just fine. I was getting errors initially but after a reboot without it in my system, it allowed me to isolate the device.

When I pass the device to the VM, TrueNAS OS crashes. It appears as though it’s trying to use the display device for some reason. I’ve attempted to “Ensure Display Device”, not “Ensure Display Device”. Create with and without the pci device attached and adding later. I’ve tried swapping pcie ports to forward.

I know the GPU is functional as I’ve setup a workaround Jellyfin server in the TrueNAS Scale Applications, but I don’t want this to be a long term solution as the apps are being deprecated and I have no idea what the GPU support with look like in Eel.

Has anyone experienced this issue or can anyone offer any advice?

My system is a Dell T440 with the latest drivers and firmware for BIOS, etc.
TrueNAS version Dragonfish- If I boot the VM without the pci passthrough device the VM functions as normal.

There is nothing else in the IOMMU group it’s in. There is a Matrox embedded graphics in the Dell system.

I stopped using VMs as stocker hosts once Dragonfish released, so can’t help with the PCIe passthrough issue

But have you considered using a Sandbox (like a lightweight VM) instead? GPUs work too, but I believe you need to update to 24.04.2 for the ARC to work properly

TrueNAS Scale: Setting up Sandboxes with Jailmaker

I’m going to give this a look. I assume this avoids having to isolate the gpu?

This seems like an interesting take. I didn’t even know that 24.04.2 came out yet lol. I’ll attempt the passthru with the new update and if that doesn’t work I may continue using the jellyfin application and/or attempt this jail method. I prefer Docker when it comes to containerization so this would be more familiar to me. Do you like Dockge? I’m more familiar with Portainer but that application looks very similar/more lightweight.

Its more correct that I don’t like Portainer :wink:

Dockge is really just a GUI for docker compose, your compose files and .env files are safely stored on disk in your pool.

And yes, the GPU doesn’t have to be isolated when using a jail