Peoples thoughts on Toshiba drives

A few months ago the drive in my CCTV NVR failed so i just went and got the cheapest replacement i could. Ended up with a 4TB Toshiba CCTV drive for like €70 delivered which is about €40 cheaper compared to the equivalent with other manufacturers in my location.

The drive failed about 2 weeks ago so i opened an RMA and to my surprise they gave me a pre-paid postage label for UPS. I posted it last Wednesday and the replace drive came today(6 days later.) RMA for seagate and WD were always closer to a month for me and cost me a fortune to return as I have to pay shipping.

For me returning drives is expensive as they are sent to other countries and in most cases its costing me at least €30 to ship.

What are peoples experience with Toshiba NAS drives.

I use a bunch of them - can’t say what the service is like as none of them have failed yet


if i’m not mistaken their nas series are N300?

i heard they use more power compared to seagate and western digital drives. don’t quote me on that, dyor.

Not familiar with their warranty process. Seagate rma works great for me so i get seagate ironwolves mostly these days.

If you reside in the US, these might be an interesting option. recertified drives that come with warranty. Free shipping if you’re in the US. they got good reviews if you check on reddit

So you could get a higher capacity drive for less compared to brand new. If you are okay with recertified.

however there some gotchas. like one cheap drive i wondered why it was so cheap. apparently the drive uses a lot of power and required an extra power cable to use it, which is not gr8 for using in my nas. so dyor.

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I love my Toshiba drives, fast and quiet, though I have absolutely no idea how much power they are drawing. I’ve been fortunate enough to not need to RMA any of them, but a quick Google search shows some bad experiences. Perhaps they’ve become a lot better since based on your experience.

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Have a couple in my TrueNAS and love them, been rock solid.

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yeah that does sound worrisome. these hdds don’t last forever so the rma might be needed. it’s very fortunate you didn’t have to find out. the rmas tend to be anywhere between 3-5 years typically. So if you never need rma within that time frame good.

But what if?

My seagates i had to rma 2-3 within that 5 years. i’ve done both the free pick up, and the drop off at the collection point. and all times i’ve rma i managed to get a replacement successfully.

It’s not good that a drive was wonky within 5 years, but still i got a rma so can’t complain too much. And i at least tested for seagate the rma works well for me.

years back i ordered a couple drives off ebay. couldn’t get warranty on them since drives were region blocked. so never doing that again :sweat:

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Toshiba MG and N300 series drives are great.

I heard NVR drives are kind of lower quality in general.

I bought some “white label” 6 TB drives off eBay several years back. Eight out of six of them (no, that isn’t a typo) failed within a year. The seller replaced them all, but that kind of soured me on the idea.

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