Persistent storage on ubuntu vm

How do I ensure that my vm of ubuntu data is persistent? I dont want to lose all my things every reset, i dont see any options in dragonscale to stop this/keep its data?

Thank you :)!

The zvol used for the storage is persistent. Just make sure to not destroy it when you remove the disk / reuse the zvol upon creating a new instance.

Figured my issue! I had to unmount the iso :stuck_out_tongue: it was resetting to install every time

Why is my ubuntu so damn slow tho, gave it 16gig of ram on ddr5

Slow in the sense that accessing it via SPICE is slow? I’ve always found SPICE to be slow and try to get better solutions set up in the machine, e.g. xrdp,vnc

Or, slow as in command execution is delayed, the VM is hanging, etc. If it’s this one then we’d probably need to know your hardware configuration, TrueNAS version, VM configuration, and if this is the only VM you have that is acting slowly in order to help further.

EDIT: Ah, just saw you had mentioned dragonfish – have you also checked if your swap is being hammered as mentioned here?

Checking it out now, thank you

And yeah its a spice chugging thing then after a few lines of code in the terminal of ubuntu i have to hit refresh on the window to get control again

Yeah that’s been my general SPICE experience, I use it as a method to install an OS and run initial configuration then I never look at it again. Look for alternative ways like VNC to connect if you’re using a DE, or just use SSH otherwise :slight_smile:

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Do you have a VNC you prefer

I used to use TigerVNC, though I haven’t touched it in a long while (all my VMs are only accessed via SSH at the moment with the exception of one Windows VM that I use RDP to work from). It was decent for performance.
Things have probably changed a fair bit since then so I’d take a look around to see what the general consensus is.

I always use the server version of a Linux OS. Setup SSH, happy days. Spice is a bit unreliable, as you say, lots of reloads, but works well enough to get ssh setup.

RDP works fine for Windows.

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