Investigation of slow UI / RAM / SWAP issues

If you’ve been on the forums this week you may have noticed a few threads about various issues with UI responsiveness and swap/memory issues on 24.04.0. (Dragonfish). We’re still in the background working on a proper fix for 24.04.1 (due in a few weeks). The underlying issue is rather tricky with a lot of nuance. We’ll share more details on the technical side soon, don’t want to steer folks too wrong until we are 100% sure what the final patch will look like.

In the meantime, if you find your system slowing down and see that you are eating up swap space (especially if you still have free ram to spare) you can temporarily disable swap by running swapoff -a as root (or sudo). You can also toss this into the post-init startup commands if you want it to persist across reboot. This should be more than safe to do and won’t otherwise hurt system operation. (You can still use your ARC, no worries there).