Pi-hole 2.0.10 - local DNS entries not working

Installed pi-hole 2.0.10 with following environment variables entered from the application install window:

Have setup DATASET for config and dnsmasq storage.

When I add first entry through pi-hole web interface the Pod Logs report following errors:

2024-04-09 00:39:38.187422+01:00sudo: unable to send audit message: Operation not permitted
2024-04-09 00:39:38.198254+01:00sudo: unable to send audit message: Operation not permitted
2024-04-09 00:39:38.208009+01:00Stopping pihole-FTL
2024-04-09 00:39:38.209149+01:00Terminated

The local dns first entry does resolve when I use it in a web-browser.

Subsequeent local dns entires through the same errors above and do not resolve.

Also noticed that the ownership and group settings on for the pi-hole-config changes from “root root” to “netdata 1000”

drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 9 Apr 8 19:58 ix-applications
drwxrwx— 2 apps apps 2 Apr 8 21:25 nginx-certs
drwxrwx— 7 apps apps 9 Apr 9 00:54 nginx-data
drwxrwxr-x 3 netdata 1000 18 Apr 9 00:57 pi-hole-config
drwxrwx— 2 root root 4 Apr 9 00:37 pi-hole-dnsmasq

I tried to install pi-hole 1.0.25 but the Install button never highlights even after all the fields are filled as necessary.

Are others having issues with pi-hole on Truenas Scale 23.10

Wondering if this information is key from a post I found here:

User skielek suggests that following added to the config yaml:
Or in your compose yaml:


I’m not sure where this would be added though?